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Not Another Happy Ending

When struggling publisher TOM discovers his only successful author is blocked he knows he has to unblock her fast or he’s finished. With her newfound success, misery-lit novelist JANE has become too damn happy. The only trouble is, the worse TOM makes her feel, the more he realises he is in love with her…

I loved Not Another Happy Ending as soon as I read it. I’ve wanted for a long time to make the equivalent of a classic Woody Allen film – about literate, funny, neurotic, likeable people – in Scotland, but never quite found the subject. I think this could be it. It’s bright, witty, charming, occasionally a bit rude – great! In Scotland, it seems like we’re always stuck in a spin-cycle between Trainspotting and Nessie – the Movie; here’s a chance to make a funny, grown-up indie movie, a Squid and the Whale, or a Hannah and her Sisters for Glasgow, a movie compact in budget but big in heart, and ambition, and reach.

With the sexiest young leads in a Scottish film for a generation  – Karen Gillan and Stanley Weber – Not Another Happy Ending is set for a July 2012 shoot.

Writer: David Solomons

Director: John McKay

Producers: Claire Mundell and Wendy Griffin at Synchronicity Films

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Indie romance Not Another Happy Ending is set to shoot in June 2012 – and here’s your chance to get involved! Over the next 90 days, via the magic of crowd funding site IndieGoGo, you can make a pledge, large or small, and make a big big difference to pushing the movie over the finish line. Want to see Karen Gillan in her first film lead? Want to see a different kind of movie come out of Scotland? Here’s your chance to make it happen – and get fantastic gifts and treats in return, from iPhone skins and movie posters, through to set visits and your name appearing on the big screen itself…

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