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Current Work

There’s always a lot going on. In addition to the just-debuted Ordinary Lies (see main page),  the projects I can talk about right now are –



All pre-announcement so we can’t name names, but I’m very excited to be scripting a major feature biopic of a certain scottish national icon for a certain major studio, and a certain major UK director…





Adapting Rachel Johnson’s bestselling memoir of her unlikely year as editor of THE LADY magazine for Lime Pictures, as a grown-up farce of new lady meets old ladies in the rapid-fire drama com mold of Veep and 2012

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Producing a low–budget horror feature, that introduces a XXX new bogey-figure in The Glue Man, a semi-mythical serial killer whose USP is entrapping his victims using a a vile unbreakable adhesive tailored to their own DNA…


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